Our handsome lad!

Our juvenile giraffe, Kito is growing into a handsome lad.


Section Leader, Jay Haywood, said: “Now aged two, Kito measures around three metres high, but he’s still got plenty of growing to do to be as tall as dad, Kubwa, who doubles his size – although his ossicones are already much more hairier than dads.

“He’s also developing quite a mischievous character and is getting bolder by the day.

“At the moment we keep seeing him trying to open the bolts on the door of the giraffe house by using his head to try and slide the bolt open – he’s very cheeky and keeps us on our toes!”

If you’re visiting DZG over the next few days – make sure you drop by the giraffe paddock and say hello to Kito, as well as Kubwa and Josie. 

And you can learn more about our trio by joining our Presenters for the daily giraffe talk and feed, which takes place at 12.45pm.