Otters’ hosepipe games

Asiatic short-clawed otters, Jack and Judy, decided to lend a paw and help keepers fill up their Monkey Tails pool.


Lower Primates keepers clean out the pool weekly, but this week Jack and Judy decided to have some fun with the hosepipe!

Trainee Keeper, Jade Reddall, said: “After we clean the pool out, we leave the hose running to fill it up with water again, but this time they decided to help us out.

“They’re a playful pair; otters are naturally inquisitive creatures anyway and will make up games with just about anything.

“But we always know that when it goes quiet in their enclosure, they’re either fast asleep or causing mischief and it’s usually the latter although it was funny to see them trying to drag the hose about in their mouths and squirt the water at each other.”

Jack and Judy were relocated to Monkey Tails after being rejected by the rest of the otter group at the top of the site earlier in the year.

See the otters in action in the short video below…