Otterly cool!

Keepers came up with a n-ice idea to keep our otter family cool as the UK heatwave continues.

Our Asiatic short-clawed otter mum and dad, Keyah and Buddy, and their two offspring were treated to a fishy feast – but it was all set in 10 litres of ice.

Keeper Josh Luxton made the giant ice block in a washing up bowl and added sprats to the mix. He also made fish-shaped ice pieces out of water and fish juice, which the otters lapped up.

Josh said: “The huge ice cube went down brilliantly and it kept the whole family entertained for hours.

“The otters had to work for the food as they had to wait for the ice to melt, but it kept them cool at the same time.

“We have made big blocks of ice before but this is the first time I had used the moulds to create the fish-shaped ice and they came out a treat.”

Cool enrichment idea!