Otter training on target

Training DZG’s three Asiatic short-clawed otters, Buddy, Keyah and Minnie, is right on target thanks to the efforts of Senior Keeper Laura Robbins.

Laura began target training our three otters just a few weeks ago, but the trio are proving to be very fast learners as she’s already managed to get them to stand on scales for weight measurements.
Laura said: “Otters are really inquisitive animals and have responded well to the training.
“Each otter has a different colour training stick, which they all recognise as their own.
“For the weighing process I get them to stand on portable scales and stand and hold a target for a few seconds to allow the scales to register the weight. They’re then rewarded with chunks of fish for their efforts.”
Keepers will weigh the otters regularly as part of their usual health checks but all three are ideal weights for their sex and ages.