Otter-ly great news!

Keepers have snapped the first photographs of four newborn otters!

Staff have had suspicions there were new arrivals in the underground den for a few weeks, but the Asiatic short-clawed babies have only just started to emerge outside.

Trainee Keeper, Josh Luxton, said: “We don’t know their exact date of birth but the pups will be around three months old now, as they stay well hidden for the first few weeks.

“We’d been hearing the familiar high-pitched squeaks of baby otters for a while so we’re delighted to have four new additions to the family.”

The pups were born to seven-year-old mum, Keyah and 11-year-old dad, Buddy and join their three older siblings who were born last year.

Josh added: “They’ll soon be ready for solid food, so we’ll start providing extra portions of sprats and meat for them, cut up in to smaller pieces.”

Gestation lasts around 60 days and up to six young can be born at one time.

Both parents care for their offspring, who are toothless with closed eyes at birth.

By day 40 they’ll open their eyes and can swim by day 60.

Older offspring will help their parents raise the young.