Otter-ly adorable pups!

These are the first wonderful pictures of five baby otters born at Dudley Zoo – and they’re otter-ly adorable!


The little ones, pictured above and below, were born to dad Buddy and mum Keyah – who is six years old today – and have only recently started emerging from the underground den where they were born two to three months ago.

webotters2   webotters2

In the last few days keepers have caught glimpses of the otters popping out of the den, called a holt, and they managed to get these first snaps.


Section Leader Jay Haywood said: “We don’t know the exact date of birth of the five pups but we think it was between two and three months ago.

“They are starting to eat solid food now and look for their own meals so we are providing small chunks of meat, fish and chicks for them.

“Even though they have only recently started to make an appearance they are doing well and getting more and more independent each day.”

Ten-year-old dad Buddy arrived at DZG from Lake District Wildlife Park this April as a new mate for Keyah and they fell for each other straightaway.

Welcome to DZG little ones and a special Happy Birthday to the new mum!