Otter joy!

We’re otterly thrilled to announce the arrival of four young otter pups at Dudley Zoo.

The adorable youngsters were born sometime at the end of June but have only just emerged from their underground den.

Keeper Cheyenne Darkins managed to get this wonderful family photo of the whole Asiatic short-clawed clan, including eight-year-old mum Keyah, 13-year-old dad Buddy, two older siblings and the four new little ones.

Senior Keeper Sam Grove said: “The pups will be around three months old now and are doing really well. We don’t know the exact date they were born as they stay well hidden for the first few weeks, but it was sometime around the end of June.

“We’d been hearing the familiar high-pitched squeaks of babies for a while so we’re very excited they have finally put in appearance.”

Gestation in otters lasts around 60 days and up to six young can be born at one time. Our youngsters will soon be ready for solid food, so keepers will start putting out extra portions of sprats and meat for them, cut up in to smaller pieces.

Welcome lovely little ones!