Orderly queue for bath time!

Our rainbow lorikeets are polite birds and formed an orderly queue for bath time!

Section Leader Nicola Wright, managed to grab her camera and record the colourful lorikeets splashing about in their water tray in the walkthrough exhibit, but then got a soaking herself for standing too close!

Nicola said: “Lorikeets love water and love rolling and splashing in it.

“They are quite messy eaters with the nectars they drink, so they do enjoy cleaning their feathers, especially after feeding.

“This particular bath time was very amusing to watch as they took it in turns to bathe in the tray, although as the video shows, I ended up getting as wet as they did!”

Lorikeet Lookout is now re-open following its temporary closure due to avian flu precautions.

To get a close encounter with the birds, visitors can purchase pots of nectar at the entrance to feed the cheeky lorikeets who’ll flock down to greet you as you walk in!

Make sure to visit the exhibit the next time you’re on site!

Watch Nicola’s footage below…