Orangutan awareness

We’re going ape today in aid of International Orangutan Day, as we raise funds and awareness for these magnificent primates.

Listed as critically endangered on the IUCN Red List, orangutans in Borneo and Sumatra are facing a real possibility of extinction within the next two decades.
Join us for a one-off 12pm talk at the orangutan enclosure when we’ll be raising awareness of how Sprout, Jazz, Jorong and Benji’s wild counterparts are rapidly losing their habitat, mainly due to palm oil plantations, while illegal poaching and hunting are also pushing their existence to the brink.

And visitors can help us raise funds for the Orangutan Foundation, which is working to protect the orangs’ tropical forest habitat, as well as our own zoo appeal to raise £800,000 for a new outdoor enclosure for our four Bornean orangs, by taking part in our raffle to win a Great Ape board game.

Plus, you can also win a cuddly orang toy, worth £22.99, by guessing its name.

As well as manning an information stand for visitors to discover throughout the day, staff will also be on hand to explain our plans for the new outdoor enclosure.