Orangutan appeal area

Visitors can keep track of fundraising efforts for our new £800,000 orang utan enclosure in our official appeal area.

We’re planning to create an entirely separate outdoor exhibit for our popular Bornean orangutans and aim to start work within three years.

To help us reach our target we’ve built a totaliser wall alongside the orangutan house, where visitors can read more about our four charismatic great apes, learn about our exciting extension plans as well as seeing how much money we’ve raised to date.

Zoo Director Derek Grove, said: “We’ve designed the totaliser so visitors can actively watch us head towards our target up a leafy vine of money milestones, which we’ll be moving every month.

“To raise the funds we’re allocating all income from adult and child zoo experiences, as well as animal encounters from this year and last to the appeal and all sponsorship from our recent anniversary Walk on the Wild Side has also been added, but to achieve our target we do need help.”

We’ve designed a fundraising pack for anyone wishing to donate to our appeal, which is full of fundraising ideas and helpful tips to help you help our orangs.

Anyone who wishes to raise funds or donate to this project can contact andrea.marketing@dudleyzoo.org.uk for more details.
Alternatively you can donate via Justgiving by texting DZ0037 then the amount to 70070.