Orangs’ winter warmer

When the weather is cold and wet, DZG’s four orang utans are being given a winter warmer to tackle chills.

Keepers are treating 18-year-old Jorong, Benji, aged 36, Jazz, 22 and two-year-old Sprout to warm fruit and herbal teas in place of their cold squash beverage.


Senior Keeper, Sophie Dugmore – pictured above – said: “We’ve been trying out a selection of different flavours, including orange and lime, peppermint and cinnamon and apple, which they drink out of big jugs or plastic bottles.

“At the moment they don’t seem very keen on the peppermint tea, but love the hot orange and lime.

“They enjoy a change in taste and, just like humans, it’s comforting to have a warm drink when it’s a bit nippy outside. It also makes the orang kitchen smell lovely when we’re making them up!”