Orang celebrations

Baby Bornean orangutan, Jim, is celebrating his first International Orangutan Day today and what a year for us to be marking it, with two recent additions to the critically endangered species and a brand-new outdoor enclosure for them to explore!

Gary Pace

Join primate keepers at the orangutan house throughout the day, where you can find out more about the ongoing threats these magnificent creatures are facing in the wild, with habitat destruction for palm oil plantations being the biggest factor.

And find out how you can play your part in helping to save the species in our daily orangutan talk at 12.40pm.

During the day we’ll also be raising funds for Sintang Orangutan Center in Indonesia, which we’ve pledged to financially back for five years, with a guess the name of the cuddly orang, as well as a raffle to win a meet and greet with our orangutans, Djimat, Benji, Jazz, Sprout, Jim and Joe.

We hope you’ll come and hang with us at the orangutan enclosure today!