Open the box!

Boots may be made for walkin’ but boot boxes are keeping DZG’s animals entertained! 

Ungulates staff were recently kitted out with new work footwear and instead of throwing out their empty shoeboxes, the team found an alternative use.

Keepers stuffed the boxes with shredded paper and hay before hiding mealworms and pieces of fruit inside then sealed and placed them into the yellow mongoose and meerkat enclosures.

dzg_mongoose_enrichment1_web dzg_mongoose_enrichment1_web

Our yellow mongoose have fun trying to get to the goodies.

dzg_mongoose_enrichment1_web dzg_mongoose_enrichment1_web

Assistant Curator, Richard Brown, said: “Mongoose and meerkats love foraging for their food, so they had great fun trying to work out how to get to their favourite treats. It keeps them entertained for hours.”


CAPTION: Senior Keeper Laura Robbins with one of the discarded boot boxes that staff have used for enrichment.