Ooh la la Abanja!

A male mongoose lemur has said au revoir to DZG and headed off to France in search of love.


Abanja has been transferred to Paris Zoological Park, located within the National Museum of Natural History, as part of an international breeding programme.

And Dudley Zoo staff were delighted when keepers in Paris got in touch and sent a photo of Abanja with his new French mistress, Socco.

The message said: “I’m happy to tell you that we received the male from Dudley and he is now with our female. The contact was easy and they both seem happy to be together.”

DZG Registrar and Research Co-ordinator Dr David Beeston said: “It was wonderful to get the photo and message telling us Abanja had arrived safely.

“And by the look of the picture, he’s certainly settled in well with his new mate!”

ABOVE: Loving his new home… Abanja with his new French companion, Socco.