Ongoing orang work

Our new outdoor orangutan enclosure is starting to take shape and we can’t wait to see Jazz, Sprout, Djimat and Benji exploring it later this year!

The perimeter lined telegraph poles, mesh barrier boundary fence and metal semi-circular overhang are now all in place, and the metal frames are ready for the large glass panes to be installed along the visitor pathway.

Meanwhile, our on-site development team have constructed a sizeable timber climbing frame, with staff adding cargo nets and handmade recycled fire hose hammocks for our four Borneans to enjoy.

An outdoor shelter has also been built, with more wooden platforms set to be added soon and a keeper access area has been assembled adjacent to the exhibit.

Attention has also turned to the orangs’ indoor den, which is currently undergoing a spruce-up, with contractors installing brand new insulated corrugated cladding to the outside of the building, as well as beginning work on the animal tunnel to connect the dens to the new outdoor space.

Once the new exhibit is completed, we hope to secure further funding to redevelop and combine the current outdoor area.