One year of news!

Today we’re celebrating one whole year of daily news – 365 days of online stories from DZG.



We’ve covered copy on endangered species, research and conservation. 

There have been tales of the world’s largest single collection of Tectons, our gorgeous vintage chairlift and the indomitable Dudley Castle. Not to mention our take on current affairs and breaking news.   And that’s before we get into events and experiences, awards and accolades and letting YOU know what DZG’s staff have been doing.  

Many days we’ve spilled over into two news slots there’s so much going on.

The ZooNooz programme was created by DZG Head of Media and Communications, Jill Hitchman, who set the challenging task a few months after our new-look website was launched.   She said: “New media offers us the most fantastic opportunities to get our stories out there, and there’s never a shortage of lively news content and images at DZG.   “There’s so much going on, there’s always something new and we’re making it work for us by telling our story every single day.  

“And it’s a unique service – we are the only tourist attraction in the country delivering daily news, and we know our followers love it.”

Jill added: “It’s been hard going at times, and an immense amount of behind-the-scenes work went on to make it all happen, but it’s been well worth it; staff have responded and embraced the project and we know it has transformed people’s view of DZG.

“We have a constant stream of fantastic images of some of the rarest animals in the world, plus pictures from across the site of staff, visitors and our historic buildings.

“Web news supplies facebook and twitter feeds and spreads our brand across the globe by offering an instant facility to showcase life at DZG  – it’s truly limitless.”