One day: 755 FB likes!

HUGE thanks to everyone across the world who pressed their Facebook buttons and helped us achieve an amazing 755 likes in just ONE day.

  dzg_black_lemur_1   That’s a fab FB record for DZG and me and the lads in Lemur Wood can’t thank you enough – we promise to keep those posts rolling!  


Head of Media and Communications, Jill Hitchman, said: “That truly is a fantastic achievement for just one day. Yesterday at midday we had 38,648 and today it’s 39,393.   “Since embarking on our social media campaign we have seen a steady increase in figures and throughout summer attracted around 1,000 likes per month, so this is an amazing start to autumn.”   She added: “The success is due to a constant stream of interesting and interactive news and images that tell the story of life at DZG.   “My DZG wish list included 40,000 FB likes by the end of the year so I’m delighted we’ll achieve that figure very soon!”