On the move in Penguin Bay

This is what happens when you stick your beak so far into the camera lens it’s almost impossible to breathe.

tc_050413__013_promoOf course, there are other things to do like wander off to the beach and play on the sand or just chill out poolside until lunchtime.   But I’m a bit nosy and I like to know what’s going on.   In fact, there’s a lot going on at the mo in Penguin Bay – some of us youngsters have moved out of our parents’ places and into our very own first homes.    We’ve not moved far, just across the bay and into the beach huts, but there’s been a bit of fuss from the older penguins about us juveniles having bigger nesting boxes than they ever had, and not having to walk as far to the pool as they used to – the usual family stuff.   It’s quite nice on the beach, a bit more laid back than on the castle hill, but the views aren’t so good and we’re nearer the visitors so it can get a bit noisy.   When I say ‘we’ I mean me and the missus  – that’s us below, arrrhhh!   tc_050413__013_promo   Look out for me next time you walk through Penguin Bay.  

Pete the Humboldt