On-the-go refreshment

Visitors can grab a refreshing drink on the lower zoo site following the installation of two new drinks machines.

DZG Matt drinks machine

The hot and cold drink vending machines are located by the chairlift ground station and have been fitted following visitor suggestions.

Zoo Manager, Matt Lewis, said: “We’ve been encouraging members of the public to leave us feedback about their day out by filling in the questionnaire we give out at the entrance and a lot of visitors flagged up the fact they’d like drink facilities on the lower site when the Watering Hole kiosk is closed.

“We take all feedback on board and are happy to provide the new machines, which we know will be most welcome.”

Don’t forget to complete your survey, which can be dropped into the box in the Safari Shop at the zoo exit or sent to our Freepost address at a later date, as all returns will be entered into a monthly prize draw to win a family ticket to come back and see us!