Olivia’s amazing day!

An animal lover from California had an amazing time when she became a DZG Keeper for a Day.

Olivia Berden took part in the experience during a five-week holiday to the UK.

The 22 year-old university student, who is studying to become a vet back home in the states, booked the unique encounter after reading what our day had to offer and learning about our in-situ and ex-situ conservation efforts.

Olivia said: “The day was absolutely amazing and exceeded all my expectations with all the animals I got to be up close with, feed and even pet at times.”

Throughout her experience Olivia worked with big cats, primates, birds and ungulates, helping the keepers prepare food, feed, clean and care for their animal charges, with a highlight meeting our cheeky ring-tailed lemurs in the walkthrough Lemur Wood.

Olivia added: “The staff were awesome and the animals were on their best behaviour to make the experience wonderful.

“In fact, I consider the day to the best of my five-week holiday.”

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