Oh no, here’s the vet!

Hi Everyone, we had an unexpected visitor this morning – the DEFRA vet.

tigers25-webHe had a good look at us – he took particular note of Tschuna’s lovely white teeth – and then had a wander around our enclosure to make sure it’s exactly right.

He also spent time in the external areas and made lots of notes in his big green DEFRA book.   Before he left he inspected our dens and enclosures just to make sure the quarantine kit is all in place.    By that he means special gloves and overalls, plus disinfectant footbaths, for the keepers; those are the tiger rules.    tigers25-web     Everything was good, so we were both pleased, especially when he said he doesn’t have to come to see us for another four months – unless we are VERY naughty!   We’ve already met DZG’s vet, Peter, who came in to greet us after we arrived from Germany, and now we’ve said hello to DEFRA’s man, Jose.   We like meeting new people and can’t wait until Monday when we’ll see our first visitors.     CAPTIONS: TOP: Daseep takes a close look at the vet. ABOVE: Tschuna shows off her lovely white teeth.   Tschuna and Daseep have the full use of their permanent enclosure and quarantine procedures will be observed in this area by keeping staff until the end of the required DEFRA period.