Oba’s fishy treats!

Male Sea lion, Oba, enjoyed some enrichment with a boomer ball, thanks to senior keeper, Joshua Luxton.

Josh used a couple of recycled water bottles and the ball and filled them with sprats in a different way to present Oba’s food and prolong his feeding, to give him time to think about how he’s going to access the fish. 
Josh said: “These enrichment devices are good because they’ll float for a while before they fill with water and sink.  Before they sink you’ll see Oba trying to sink them to get the food out and once they’ve sunk, you’ll see him pushing them through the water to get all the fish.”  


Josh added: “This can easily keep him occupied for a good hour depending on how much fish is put in there and even once the fish has gone, he’ll go back to check and make sure he got them all – and if he’s lucky there will be the odd one or two that he missed!”