Nutcrackers for Xmas, anyone?

Need new nutcrackers for Xmas? Why not adopt a pair at DZG!

dzg_capuchins_1a_0Our yellow-breasted capuchin monkeys are among the rarest animals on planet earth and when it comes to cracking nuts they’re simply the best! 

And females Holly and Dinha and male, Willow, have perfected a hands-on approach to opening the festive feasts to get to the goodies inside.

Team leader, Upper Primates, Pat Stevens, said:?”Capuchins are clever and thoughtful primates and very skilled at using their hands.

“We give them nuts as enrichment treats and they simply hold them in their hands and crack them open on the nearest post.”

These cheeky little South American monkeys are also the only animals within DZG’s huge collection that don’t have adopters – so what are you waiting for?

Find out how to adopt Willow, Dinha or Holly (such a festive name!) for Christmas by clicking here >

CAPTION:  That’s a tough one to crack: Festive coconuts have been keeping our capuchin monkeys entertained in the run-up to Christmas.