Nuno’s sporting gold and black!

Nuno our Humboldt penguin chick is easily identifiable in our 70-strong colony as he’s now sporting a striking gold and black flipper band.

And the six-month old, who was named after Wolverhampton Wanderers FC manager by a competition winner earlier this year, has now fledged and is available for adoption, just in time for the start of the football season!

Birds Section Leader and Wolves fan, Nicola Wright, said: “I made sure I had yellow and black beads available to make his totally unique colour-coded flipper strip and he’s the only penguin to have a blue cable tie too.

“He’ll be clearly identifiable to visitors, even when he changes appearance by gaining his adult feathers and distinctive black chest stripe as the band will remain with him for life.”

The inventive coding helps our bird keepers identify individual Humboldts in our Penguin Bay colony, which remains one of the biggest in Europe.

Each bead colour corresponds to a unique number code and helps staff keep track of the bird’s behaviour, diet and health.

CLICK HERE for more information about adopting Nuno. All money raised through the adoption schemes actively support conservation programmes.

Thanks to Georgie Willetts for the photo.