Nosey Meena!

Section Leader, Jay Haywood, had a helping hand carrying out his weekly reports… from birthday girl Brazilian tapir, Meena!


Jay said: “I was sitting at the worktop in the section kitchen writing up my reports, which we have to fill in each week about every animal on our section, when I noticed the papers starting to move about.

“When I looked up I came face-to-face with Meena, who’s celebrating her 14th birthday today. She had stuck her head right through the window and was sniffing my work!

“She likes to know what’s going on, so stayed there quite a while overseeing what I was doing, although I secretly think she was seeing if we’d got her some birthday treats ready, but in the end I gave in and let her have some pomegranate as well as a bit of a fuss and a tickle before she wandered off to the other side of the paddock.”

Happy Birthday, Meena!