Noisy entrance for new arrivals!

Two newly-arrived small primates are impressing keepers with their range of vocalisations!

dzg_noisy_titi_1_webCoppery titis, 27-year-old Ross and son, Frank, aged six, are based in our Monkey Tails walkthrough exhibit on the zoo’s lower level, and their raucous duet has to be heard to be believed!

Lower Primates Team Leader, Nicola Wright said: “It’s the first time we’ve held these small primates from South America at DZG in our 78-year history and we are all delighted at how readily they have settled.

“However, none of the staff were prepared for their range of vocalisations – there’s certainly never a quiet moment with these guys.”

She added: “When they start their duet the sound fills the enclosure – it’s a huge building with a glass roof and lots of foliage and the noise just carries round – you really think there’s a group of titi monkeys in there, not just two of them!”

Coppery, or red, titis get their name from the red coloured fur running along the cheeks, chest and belly.

Meet newly-arrived titis Ross and Frank in our video below  . . .  the noisy twosome can be seen – and heard – in our Monkey Tails walkthrough exhibit! 

Mmm, come on Frank, time for a quick duet . . .