No puzzling our sakis!

DZG’s saki monkeys weren’t left puzzled by their latest challenge by keepers.

Following a generous donation of an acrylic foraging toy from our Amazon Wishlist, primate keepers have put it to the test in the Small Primate House with great success.

Keeper Sian-Leigh Simner, said: “I filled it with peanuts and hung it in the saki enclosure, before grabbing my camera to film their initial reaction.

“Rio and Splodge were really intrigued and Rio quickly worked out that if he rocked it from side to side the nuts tumbled down the puzzle feeder and dropped out at the bottom.

“They’ve now got it down to a tee, so we’re very grateful to whoever purchased the feeder for us as it’s proved to be really successful.”

“It’s a great enrichment device to use with our small primates and birds, such as our parrots or Jill the raven.”

As well as puzzle toys, supporters can purchase a variety of items for us from our wishlist which we can use towards enrichment for our animals, including herbs, hanging baskets, tools and artificial plants.

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