No mucking around!

With our exotic animals producing an average of 29 tonnes of waste every month, two new custom made muck trailers are proving to be very useful for DZG keepers!

The large trailers, made locally for us by Kaytow in Brierley Hill, carry a tonne of waste each, which has enabled our staff to speed up the daily muck collection rounds.

Assistant Curator, Jay Haywood, said: “The bigger trailers are easier for us to use as not only do they hold more waste in one go, but we’re also able to wheel it up a ramp which folds down at the back and tip it straight in.”

Out of our 1,600-strong animal collection, it’s our three giraffes, Kubwa, Josie and Kito, who produce the most waste, taking keepers four hours every morning to muck out their indoor den and outdoor paddock.

We send off our animal waste and bedding every week to Wolverhampton-based Jack Moody Group, who recycle it into compost.