No more muddy paws!

Keepers have extended the hardstand in Lion Ridge to stop our three Asiatic lions getting muddy before bedtime.

A team of six staff spent a whole day on the job, as they made a 6-ton cement pathway next to the indoor enclosure, using two mixers and 92 bags of cement.


CAPTION: Keeper Laura Robbins points out the extended hardstand.

Team Leader, Ungulates, Jay Haywood, said: “The lions become excited when they know they are going to come in for their tea at night and pace up and down the grass by the entrance, which was becoming wet and muddy when it rained.

“The lions also have a habit of jumping up at the bars and covering us with mud as well, so we decided to extend the hard cement stand before the winter sets in so they can’t get so wet before bedtime!”

Male Itar and females Kyra and Asha, were kept in their internal quarters for the day as keepers completed the task in the one-acre paddock.