No laughing matter

It was no joke for Adelaide the laughing kookaburra when she damaged her beak during a flying display and required ‘cosmetic’ surgery from the zoo’s vet.

DZG-beak-aid-webDZG Curator Matt Lewis explained: “The species, which originates from eastern Australia, is part of the kingfisher family.

“As with other kingfishers, kookaburras are carnivorous and like to kill their prey.

“Although Adelaide isn’t fed live food, she still likes to go through the ‘killing’ ritual and damaged her beak on a tree while shaking her food vigorously during the show.

“The vet sedated her and removed the damaged tip, and then he sanded her beak to make it level.

“Happily, she is now fine and back performing in the daily bird show.”

DZG-beak-aid-webLaughing Kookaburras get their name from their territorial call which sounds like raucous laughter.

CAPTIONS: No joke for Dudley Zoo’s laughing kookaburra, Adelaide, after she damaged her beak during a display. Presenter Kellie Piper helped train Adelaide back to fitness.