No ghosts, only newts!

A couple of nocturnal newts gave castle ghost hunters the fright of their life.

dzg_newtDZG Presentation Assistant, Amy Hickman, who was leading the group, said: “We heard a strange sound during the ghost hunt, and a few folk were quite scared, but it turned out to be two great crested newts crawling across the floor of the undercroft!”

She added: “Newts become quite active at this time of year as they head to water for the breeding season.

“We have to be very careful around them as they are a licensed species which we have to protect, so we left them to it.

“They were the most activity we got that night, but they did give a few people a fright!”

For further details of June 19’s Dudley Ghost Tour click here > – newt sightings not guaranteed!