Night-time native visitors

Night vision camera traps have captured a family of badgers who have made DZG their home.

The native black-and-white mammals have moved into an old enclosure on site and trigger motion equipment has filmed a family of six appearing from their underground sett.

The footage is great news for our Conservation Officer Chris Leeson, who not only champions native species but also conducts detailed surveys to target specific conservation issues on site.

Chris said: “We decided to keep the former wallaby enclosure opposite the water gardens empty and let it go wild to try and encourage indigenous species and we’re delighted to see we have had badgers move in.

“Although they’re also probably the reason why we’re having bad luck with patches of grass around the zoo site as worms are their main source of food as they get through several hundred a night, but from the footage they look like they’re thriving so they must be getting plenty of nourishment.

“It’s wonderful that DZG can provide a home for not just our 1,500 strong exotic animals.”

Chris has identified a further five badger setts around the 40-acre zoo site as well as also discovering foxes, bats and a large abundance of different moth species.