Nidara captured on film

Our gorgeous nine-week-old snow leopard cub hit Central News screens last night as reporter Rachel Copeland shared the youngster’s story with thousands of viewers.


Yesterday the baby – affectionately known to keepers since her birth as Cub X – was named Nidara, and she and mum, Nanga, kept a close eye on Central’s cameraman as he captured her on film!

DZG Head of Media and Communications Jill Hitchman said: “It was a proud moment when we discovered Cub X is a girl and keepers chose the name Nidara, which means fearless in Hindi.


“There have been lots of visitors at the snow leopard enclosure since we went public with the name and we’re gearing up for a busy weekend; Nidara seems to be taking it all in her stride.”

* Big thanks to Karen Edwards for the purrfect images