Nick visits DZG!

Television wildlife presenter, Nick Baker, stopped off at DZG earlier this week.

The celebrity naturalist, toured the 40-acre site alongside daughter, Elvie, taking up an invitation we extended four years-ago, when we worked alongside him at an event at the NEC.

DZG Marketing Manager, Andrea Hales, said: “It was lovely to see Nick and Elvie again and we’re delighted they took time out to come and visit the zoo and see all the work we’ve completed over the last few years.”

We last worked alongside Nick at the Spring Caravan and Camping Show in 2013, where we led animal encounters and creature features.

And following the event we presented Nick with an adoption for a Tanzanian tailless whip scorpion, while Elvie received a meerkat adoption – and although the tailless whip scorpion is no longer with us, Elvie got to see her adopted meerkat alongside a further 16 in their mob!

Why not come and discover DZG for yourself this summer!

Now and then: Pictured top right: Nick and Elvie meet up with DZG Marketing Manager Andrea Hales this week. Pictured top left: Nick in 2013 with former DZG Presenter Becky Feeney at the NEC’s Spring Caravan and Camping Show.