45 years? What a record!

Head Keeper Graham Chilton set a record when he retired from DZG after 45 years – as the longest serving employee in the Zoo’s 74-year history! Sixty-one-year-old Graham started work at Dudley Zoo in September 1966 and over the past four-and-a-half decades has worked on most animal sections within the organisation, including big cats, primates and reptiles. He said:?”It’s been an amazing Continue reading 45 years? What a record!

Teeth and scales for Orry

Hi everyone, it’s been a day of check-ups for me today. Firstly, keepers had a good long look at my teeth to make sure they’re clean and the gums are good, then they made me hop on the scales to check my weight. No worries there – a healthy diet of fresh fish and lots Continue reading Teeth and scales for Orry

British Food Fortnight Fun

A?new arrival prompted primate keepers to pile up the fruit and veg baskets to mark British Food Fortnight (Sept 17 to Oct 2). Nineteen-year-old Bornean orang utan, Jazz, gave birth to Sprout at the end of March, and staff have made sure she has all the nutrients necessary for a first-time nursing mum. And as Continue reading British Food Fortnight Fun

Little keepers join DZG

Our Little Keeper Days are proving more popular than ever with youngsters across the country. The day-long event offers an opportunity to get really close to exotic and endangered animals and learn all about your favourite species with a hands-on experience you’ll never forget. We asked eight year olds Georgina Westwood of Kingswinford and Annie Jones of Ipswich, Continue reading Little keepers join DZG

Bumper year for birds

DZG is enjoying a bumper year for birds, with 13 different species successfully bred on site this season. The list includes Lady Amherst’s ornamental pheasants, a species from China which was introduced to Britain in the 19th century and named after Countess Sarah Amherst, wife of William Pitt Amherst, governor general of Bengal. Other species born at DZG?this year Continue reading Bumper year for birds

DZG's French Connection

A sales manager from Paris made the French connection with DZG by arranging a Close Encounter. Twenty-three-year-old Baptiste Bogros organised a Meet the Chimps experience. He said: “When I was younger I was keen to become a keeper, and visited many zoos all over the world. “It was the first time I have visited Dudley Continue reading DZG’s French Connection

Tapirs’ skins stays baby soft

Staff are making sure Brazilian tapirs’ skin stays supple with a twice weekly massage using baby oil. Keepers in the South American ungulates paddock apply the oil to males Chico and Ronnie, and females Meena and Tallulah – the family’s baby at just five-months old – to ensure their skin doesn’t become too dry. Assistant Continue reading Tapirs’ skins stays baby soft

Zoo keeper's proposal

Dudley Zoo keeper, Adam Walker, swore colleagues to secrecy when he planned his proposal to girlfriend Caroline Parsons. Adam, who works with big cats and ungulates, made a huge banner bearing the words Will You Marry Me? and asked Assistant Curator Richard Brown and fellow keeper Sarah Evans to help him wrap it around the Continue reading Zoo keeper’s proposal

Pingu's the grand-daddy!

Hi everyone, Pingu here, the oldest penguin at DZG.  You’ll never believe it. . . I’ve become a great, great, great, great, great, grandfather! The youngster arrived last month and is doing well. He’s very cute, but too small to go swimming right now.  I was the first parent-reared Humboldt penguin at Dudley, and that was Continue reading Pingu’s the grand-daddy!