Zoo keeper's proposal

Dudley Zoo keeper, Adam Walker, swore colleagues to secrecy when he planned his proposal to girlfriend Caroline Parsons. Adam, who works with big cats and ungulates, made a huge banner bearing the words Will You Marry Me? and asked Assistant Curator Richard Brown and fellow keeper Sarah Evans to help him wrap it around the Continue reading Zoo keeper’s proposal

Pingu's the grand-daddy!

Hi everyone, Pingu here, the oldest penguin at DZG.  You’ll never believe it. . . I’ve become a great, great, great, great, great, grandfather! The youngster arrived last month and is doing well. He’s very cute, but too small to go swimming right now.  I was the first parent-reared Humboldt penguin at Dudley, and that was Continue reading Pingu’s the grand-daddy!

DZG welcomes Chinese teachers

Chinese teachers on a month-long cultural visit to the Midlands met their favourite species during a bespoke Creature Feature at DZG. Members of the 14-strong group from the Da Lian region of China took in the special experience at DZG’s Go Wild! Theatre, led by zoo presenter Beckie Iwahashi. Head of Media and Communications Jill Continue reading DZG welcomes Chinese teachers

DZG's green birthday gift

DZG has handed over more than a hundred plants to mark the 20th anniversary of a programme to save an endangered species of moth. Our green birthday gift will be planted at Butterfly Conservation sites where Barberry carpet moths (Pareulype berberata) are thriving and also at newly-founded moth zones. The Barberry plants, on which the Continue reading DZG’s green birthday gift

Meet the baby

Here’s a rare shot of a young Parma wallaby, taken by DZG photographer Dan Graves. After a pregnancy of just 35 days, the female gives birth to a tiny baby which crawls into a special pouch and latches on to a teat where it grows and develops for about eight months.  The wild population, in New South Continue reading Meet the baby

Wake up the Zoo!

Keeper Mollie Lloyd gets set for an early start with Wake Up The Zoo. Join DZG’s Zoo Crew as they begin their daily duties and learn more about your favourite species. The two-hour experience also includes a chance to feed our Patagonian sealions and rare Humboldt penguins – one of the largest colonies in the UK. Continue reading Wake up the Zoo!

Dedicated supporters

John and Joyce Reed, from Shropshire, are dedicated supporters of DZG after becoming Keepers for a Day. Sixty six year old John was most impressed with the unusual gift from his wife and spent the action-packed day shadowing keeping staff. He said: “I thoroughly enjoyed the day, it was an excellent present and we enjoyed it so much Continue reading Dedicated supporters

Pretty flamingo - at 45!

A Chilean flamingo is the oldest resident on DZG’s 40-acre site. The leggy lovely has been based at the flamingo waterfalls since the 1960s and staff reckon she’s now officially our oldest bird! Curator, Matt Lewis, said: “She was certainly here during the mid 60s so that puts her at a very good age for this Continue reading Pretty flamingo – at 45!

Brushing up on dental duties

Keeper Jo Turner brushed up on dental duties when she cleaned an alpaca’s teeth during a routine check.  Several of the more manageable species within the collection, such as ungulates and primates, have monthly check-ups, including our Patagonian sea lions whose teeth are not only checked over, but cleaned as part of regular veterinary care.   Continue reading Brushing up on dental duties

Alice's adventures lead to Japan

DZG volunteer Alice Martin is settling into her new role – half way round the world. Twenty-three-year-old Alice, from Bushbury, Wolverhampton, who was also a member of our Little Zoo Keeper team, has moved to Japan where she will be teaching English. She said: “I am really excited about going to Japan, it’s a childhood dream come true. Continue reading Alice’s adventures lead to Japan