Veggie treats for small primates

SMALL primates enjoyed a veggie feast of parsnips, swede, sweetcorn and broccoli, thanks to kind-hearted supporter, Mrs Sue Pall of Streetly, near Birmingham. Mrs Pall phoned up to find out what they liked and brought along a tray of their favourite goodies. Thank you, Mrs Pall!

Winter food is a tall order

Ungulates keepers are collecting fallen leaves from ash and sycamore trees across the 40-acre site to use as winter feed for giraffes. The vegetation will be stored in airtight drums to make sure our three Rothschild giraffes – 12-year-old Kubwa and females Josie aged seven and Mia, three – remain well fed throughout the colder Continue reading Winter food is a tall order

Hallowe'en Hocus Pocus

Staff are hoping Creepy Crawly Corner will appeal to lots of little monsters this week with a range of Hallowe’en half-term events. Throughout half-term there will be Hallowe’en themed talks and feeds ending with a Hocus Pocus evening on Monday, October 31 (6pm to 9pm). The event includes a disco, ghost walk and ghoulish games, plus Continue reading Hallowe’en Hocus Pocus

Inside story on giraffes

Keepers are hoping to get the inside story on the behaviour of rare Rothschilds giraffes with the installation of CCTV cameras inside the animals’ overnight stalls. Four cameras will provide useful information on how 12 year old male Kubwa, and females Mia, aged seven, and Josie, three, behave at night. Curator Matt Lewis explained: “Hopefully, Continue reading Inside story on giraffes

Elliot's in the frame

Stourbridge teenager, Elliot Riley, spent a week’s work placement at DZG shadowing staff across the site. He worked with keepers on various sections, including primates and ungulates, and also spent time in our busy Press & Publicity Department. Fifteen-year-old Elliot, a pupil at Edgecliff Schol, in Kinver, is a keen photographer and snapped up the Continue reading Elliot’s in the frame

Our visitor numbers are up!

Hi Guys, Bob here, the most handsome Gelada baboon in the group. And have I got something to celebrate today! DZG’s Finance Team has done the maths and discovered our visitor numbers are UP – how fantastic is that. Of course, I know there’s a very simple explanation for the increase – you’ve all come Continue reading Our visitor numbers are up!

Surprise at birth of 19 boas

The birth of 19 boa constrictors surprised reptile keepers who thought mum had merely put on weight! Curator Matt Lewis said that although the well fed female boa had been a bit subdued, her pregnancy had not been obvious and her ‘baby bump’ went unnoticed. Common boas do not lay eggs, but give birth to Continue reading Surprise at birth of 19 boas

Tallulah loses her spots

DZG’s six-month-old Brazilian tapir, Tallulah, has lost her camouflage stripes and spots – but it’s nothing to worry about. Keeper Jay Haywood explained:?”Baby tapirs are at risk of predators, particularly jaguars, and are unable to run away so they have a pattern of spots and stripes which mimics the dappled effect of sun shining through Continue reading Tallulah loses her spots

Monkey business for Mrs Elvis

Squirrel monkey, Mrs Elvis, has found a new game to satisfy her inquisitive nature. The dominant small primate has developed a passion for a special boomer ball, an enrichment toy filled with tasty treats including mealworms and locusts. Keeper Laura Robbins, explained: “Mrs Elvis is a very cheeky and inquisitive monkey who loves to play and interact Continue reading Monkey business for Mrs Elvis