New llamas get L-plates!

Newly-arrived llamas at DZG have been given L-plates. As a revival of an old tradition, the two newcomers have been named Lance and Luna.   DZG Curator Matt Lewis explained: “We have had not had llamas at the Zoo for about 14 years, but when they were here they were all given names beginning with Continue reading New llamas get L-plates!

Cute, but so very noisy

An extremely loud addition to the primate family has arrived at DZG. Two female black howler monkeys have transferred from Twycross Zoo, in Warwickshire, as part of a breeding programme for this endangered species which originate from South America. DZG?Assistant Curator, Richard Brown, said:?”They have the loudest calls out of all species of monkey and can be heard up to Continue reading Cute, but so very noisy

DZG's Help for Heroes

Proceeds from our 2011 calendar, which features Dudley Zoo’s animals with their favourite Best of British foods, has been split between DZG’s Madagascar Campaign, to support lemurs in the wild, and Help for Heroes. DZG CEO Peter Suddock, said: “It is the first year we have supported Help for Heroes, but with the calendar’s Best Continue reading DZG’s Help for Heroes

Pupils learn about conservation

Pupils from Grimley and Holt Primary School, in Worcester, learned how modern zoos play a vital role in conservation during an Endangered Species workshop at DZG. Twenty five 9-11-year-olds attended the event in the Rainforest Room and heard Senior Presenter David Riley explain how international breeding programmes are crucial to the survival of an increasing number of Continue reading Pupils learn about conservation

Rare Amazon parrots fly into DZG

A pair of yellow-shouldered Amazon parrots, a vulnerable species declining in the wild, has arrived at DZG as part of a breeding programme. It is the first time we have kept this species, and the green and yellow-coloured parrots are settling in well. Yellow-shouldered Amazons are intelligent, inquisitive and assertive birds which are often exploited and sold to Continue reading Rare Amazon parrots fly into DZG

We've named that baboon!

Four Gelada baboons have moved into a revamped iconic Tecton enclosure at DZG.  A ‘first’ for DZG, the endangered species have transferred from collections in Switzerland and Germany. They are the last surviving species of a once-widespread group of grass-grazing primates.  Three brothers, Fisseh, Femi and Ebano transferred from Zurich, with the fourth arriving from Continue reading We’ve named that baboon!

Luke's designs have zoo theme

Graphic Design student Luke Reader drew on his animal instincts when he designed a range of zoo-themed products. Eighteen-year-old Luke, of Sedgley, spent three months on the BTEC project while studying at Halesowen College. He said:?”I?have always really liked Dudley Zoo, and living on the doorstep I?am a frequent visitor, so for my final year project I decided to design a range of items that could Continue reading Luke’s designs have zoo theme

Happy 21st Charlie!

One of DZG’s most popular birds is celebrating her 21st birthday with a marathon radio tune-in. Blue and gold macaw, Charlie, loves listening to local radio stations in her home at the Discovery Centre. Senior Presenter David Riley said: “Charlie enjoys pop, rock and classical music. If she doesn’t like what is on the radio, Continue reading Happy 21st Charlie!