Speedy tortoise joins DZG

A male African spurred tortoise has been donated to DZG – and he’s a fast mover! Assistant Curator, Richard Brown, said: “He’s been following staff around, and he can really motor, he’s 60 cms long and could pretty much double his size as he matures.” The tortoise, who has been named Timmy, is set to join fellow tortoises in Continue reading Speedy tortoise joins DZG

Santa takes over!

Training went so well yesterday with keepers that Santa stepped in early this morning to make sure the reindeer know exactly which route he will be taking on Christmas Eve when he leaves Dudley Castle on his long journey to deliver goodies to lucky girls and boys. But YOU don’t have to wait that long Continue reading Santa takes over!

Countdown to Xmas for reindeer

Countdown to Christmas started this weekend with halter training for Santa’s reindeer. Keepers Jo Turner and Laura Robbins took a couple of their favourite reindeer into the castle courtyard to say hello to visitors and to familiarise them with Santa’s route in preparation for Christmas Eve! CAPTION: Jo (front) and Laura with reindeer in the castle Continue reading Countdown to Xmas for reindeer

Seven Dwarfs say hello

 They may be small but Snow White’s Seven Dwarfs made a HUGE impact when they called on site to say hello to staff. The dwarfs are appearing in panto at The Grand Theatre, Wolverhampton and wanted to say thank you to DZG for sponsoring the dress rehearsal on December 9. Head of Media and Communications, Jill Continue reading Seven Dwarfs say hello

Porcupine treats

What a treat – I’m male porcupine, Prickles, and I’m really enjoying this maize brought in by keeper, Kirsty Thornton. I’ve just moved to another enclosure and everything’s rather new at the moment, so a nice bit of corn on the cob goes down really well. I’ve got a splendid ‘des-res’ designed by keepers and my Continue reading Porcupine treats

Time for a snuggle

How cosy is this!   The capybara family snuggle up to Brazilian tapir Chico in the South American paddock’s internal enclosure. Capybaras – mum Peanut, dad Pumpkin and five-month old Pecan – are among the world’s largest rodents.

Meet the mara

Introducing our newest baby! At just three days old our baby mara faces the camera with mum, Olivia. Keeper, Laura Robbins, said: “The baby is doing well and settling in with mum and dad, Martin. “We haven’t named it yet as we don’t know the sex, but will be having a think about suitable names Continue reading Meet the mara

Grace students' Creature Feature

Youngsters at Grace Primary School, in Oldbury, were delighted when they got to meet some of their favourite DZG species. Outreach team member, Shaun Crompton, took along a selection of small, tame animals to show the five and six-year-olds – and their parents! – during a one-hour Creature Feature. To organise a Creature Feature for Continue reading Grace students’ Creature Feature

Talc to the rescue!

A collared lemur became Billy No Mates when fellow primates picked a fight and expelled him from their gang. But quick-thinking keepers came up with a bright idea to re-introduce Pipkin to his old pals in Lemur Wood. Assistant Section Head of Primates, Pat Stevens, explained: “Primates recognise each other’s scent and this plays a Continue reading Talc to the rescue!