Penguin Bay countdown

One of DZG’s most popular attractions is set for a springtime transformation. Work is underway to turn the Humboldt penguin enclosure into a walkthrough experience for visitors. Penguin Bay will double the land area available to the 70-plus penguins – one of Europe’s largest colonies of Humboldts – and allow visitors to get closer to the Continue reading Penguin Bay countdown

Meerkat jelly babies!

Meerkat admirers with a sweet tooth can pick up a sugary snack in honour of their favourite mammals thanks to a new range of confectionery at the Safari Shop. Meerkat jelly babies are among a new range of sweets now available, and at just £1.99 per bag are selling fast. Grab a bag next time you visit Continue reading Meerkat jelly babies!

Tiger Tales: Marmite Moments!

Hallo Everyone! It’s well known that you either love it or hate it and Tschuna and me are definitely divided in our taste for Marmite! We have been testing the savoury spread as part of enrichment activities and keepers have been trailing a range of different smells and tastes around our enclosure for us to discover. So far Continue reading Tiger Tales: Marmite Moments!

Tschuna on canvas

Wildlife artist, John Halbert, is hoping this striking image of DZG’s Amur tiger, Tschuna, will woo visitors at July’s Great Yorkshire Show. John, who is based in North Yorkshire, captured our 20-month-old female during a recent visit to DZG. He said: “I visited DZG to try to obtain images of your snow leopards in the hope Continue reading Tschuna on canvas

Un-BEAR-lievable generosity!

Big-hearted staff from Merry Hill’s Build a Bear Workshop have adopted DZG’s Asiatic black bear, Inca, for the third year running. Store representative Anna Marie Grosvenor-Knock called into the zoo offices to hand over £175 that had been raised in the last 12 months via in-store name the bear competitions, Merry Hill’s Big Bear Bash Continue reading Un-BEAR-lievable generosity!

Swinging Sprout!

Wheeeee! Look at meeee! I’m getting quite good at this swinging malarkey now! I’ve been closely watching how my mum, Jazz, moves around the climbing frame and although I can’t get as high as her yet, I am trying! Mum is letting me go off on my own a lot more now, as I am Continue reading Swinging Sprout!

Surprise treats for mongoose

Our three yellow mongoose have been enjoying surprise treats this week thanks to hidden snacks in their enclosure. Keepers recently replaced bark chippings in their outdoor enclosure and mixed in mealworms as a tasty surprise. They also placed a few additional treats inside pipes and beneath rocks. The trio had a great time foraging for their Continue reading Surprise treats for mongoose

Honey bunny says thanks

A big thanks to everyone who joined the Easter fun at DZG throughout the past two weeks. Sadly, the holidays are now over and it’s time for you to go back to school and for me to hop back to the rest of the team down at the Farm.  But I’ve had a fab fortnight Continue reading Honey bunny says thanks

Pass the paintbrush!

Keepers have been brushing up on their decorating skills in the tapir enclosure.  Ungulates staff have been painting external walls in the South American paddock for Brazilian tapirs male Chico, female Meena and their offspring Ronnie and Tallulah. Keeper, Jay Haywood, said: “We try to keep the paintwork as fresh as possible, but with four Continue reading Pass the paintbrush!

Gibbon by moonlight

These eerie images of a Lar gibbon were snapped by our photographer, Jason Skarratt, at nightfall. The shots show male gibbon, Huggy, sitting in the high branches in front of the walls of Dudley Castle peacefully taking in his surroundings at the end of the day.