A cascade of poppies

Dudley Castle has become a focal point for the town’s forthcoming Remembrance Day commemorations as a cascade of red poppies flows from the keep.   A 16 x 12 metre cargo net, filled with large weather-proof poppies, has been positioned from the top of the 11th century keep, falling to the castle cannons on the Continue reading A cascade of poppies

Discount for December!

We’ve discounted all our December admission tickets to just £10, for those wanting to enjoy a winter stroll around DZC. Come and learn more about the species who prefer the colder weather, including Arctic foxes and red pandas and for those animals who aren’t too keen on the falling temperatures, there are plenty of viewing Continue reading Discount for December!

Donate to DZC in lieu of cards

With Christmas fast approaching, we’re asking supporters to please consider donating to DZC instead of sending cards this year and join us in doing our bit for the environment over the festive season. If you’d like to donate what you’d usually spend on cards, postage or gifts to our not-for-profit charity, we’ll send you a Continue reading Donate to DZC in lieu of cards

They’re known for their amazing call, with our two black howler monkeys showcasing their vocals every time our gardeners use their leaf blowers!   As soon as the gardeners arrive to tidy the leaves around their enclosure in the Triple Tecton, Dargie and Avyanna, start their deep howling call – it’s so loud, because of Continue reading Leaf it out!

Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween! After enjoying an extra hour in bed last night, Asiatic lionesses, Kyra and Asha, were raring to go this morning when they discovered a giant pumpkin in their one-acre paddock. The papier-mâché enrichment was filled with chunks of raw meat, which the girls caught a whiff of as soon as they appeared outside, Continue reading Happy Halloween

Trick or treat!

Our smallest primates were keen to discover if there were tricks or treats in their Halloween buckets! Did you know you can provide enrichment treats for our animals from our Amazon wishlist, which are delivered directly to us. There’s plenty of items to choose from, including practical items and tasty treats for various species, which Continue reading Trick or treat!

Celebrating sloths!

It’s International Sloth Day and we’re hoping you’ll hang out and discover more about this wonderful species! Here at DZC we have Reggie and Flo, our Linne’s Two-Toed sloths, who have been paired as part of a European Studbook Breeding programme. Native to the tropical forests of northern Southern America, this arboreal species are well Continue reading Celebrating sloths!