More news from the baboon bank!

We’ve even more exciting news from our Baboons on the Bank as we’ve had another baby!

The newest addition to the ever-growing troop was born on January 25 to mum, Tana and dad Ebano, and its arrival comes just five weeks after the birth of half-brother, Dendi.

Senior Keeper, Jodie Dryden, said: “We’re thrilled to have another newborn, especially so close to Dendi.

“This is mum, Tana’s second baby, as she already has three-year-old Ambo, so she’s coping really well with her youngest and is paying it a lot of attention although Ambo is learning the hard way that he now has to share mum with someone else!”

We now have a total of five babies on the bank – Billie, Ambo, Gimbi, Dendi and the newborn – who is still keeping staff guessing as to its sex, but with all our babies being boys, they’ve got their fingers crossed for a girl this time!

Dad to all five youngsters is Ebano, while our females are Tana, Addis and Jimma and they’re all part of a European Endangered Species Programme.

Known as the last surviving species of grazing primate and are known as shuffle-feeders as they they prefer to pluck grass while shuffling on their bottoms.


Gelada baboon gestation is usually around six months and mothers will carry the baby on their stomach for the first few weeks, before transferring it to their back. The youngster will begin to gain more independence around five-months-old.