New Year, New Era!

DZG is entering a new year and a new era, thanks to continued investment across the 40-acre site.

Visitor numbers are up, innovative construction and restoration have provided a new entrance, shop and car park, staffing levels have increased and exciting exhibits are already taking shape for 2015.   dzg_new_year_2015_3_web   DZG’s continued investment in the site has resulted in 22 new members of staff – including 14 newly-created positions – across all sections of the business.   DZG? CEO?Peter Suddock said:?”It is fantastic to see the business in such a good place and growing successfully.   

“Visitor numbers have grown year-on-year; last year’s figure of 265,000 have increased to 290,000, which is a nine per cent rise, and indicates a solid growth.”

Growing visitor numbers and a demand for events and animal experiences, alongside the restoration of our world-renowned Tecton buildings, prompted expansion of the workforce, which now stands at 82 employees – excluding seasonal staff – and included a full restructure of the Retail section to cover our new shop and entrance.   Mr Suddock added: “Further demands for our vintage chairlift and road train and also for birthday parties and special events required us to grow our core Operations team, while Animal sections welcomed four apprentice keepers and recruited replacement seniors to strengthen existing units and Media and Communications took on a third staff member.”   Following successful restoration of our Tecton Entrance and Safari Shop two artisans and two apprentices have been employed to work on the Bear Ravine and Kiosk One and will extend their expertise in concrete reparation to other on-site Modernist structures.   Mr Suddock said:?”It’s a success that has been hard won and follows many, many years of behind-the-scenes work and investment, particularly on the Tecton front, and we are delighted that through these actions DZG is entering a new era.  

“And there’s so much more – projects for 2015 include the launch of Castle Creatures, featuring live animals within medieval walls, a birthday experience for young visitors, plus four newly-restored Tecton structures to explore – it truly is our time.”