New tortoise settles in

A male African Hermann’s tortoise is settling into his new home at DZG.

The tortoise, who is nearing 50 years-old and was a much-loved pet, was donated by a couple in Edgbaston, who are relocating to London and can’t take him with them.

He’s now moved straight in with our two fellow Hermann’s tortoises and six African Spurred and is already busy exploring his new enclosure, which boasts a heated den and outdoor grassy paddock.

DZG Registrar and Research Co-ordinator, Dr David Beeston, who collected the tortoise, said: “The couple have had him for 47 years and they were very keen for him to go somewhere where he would be well looked after and cared for and have the company of other tortoises.

“We don’t normally take in pet animals, but as he is an elderly tortoise and loved for so long, we were pleased to accept him as a companion for our other two male Hermann’s tortoises on this occasion.”

Pictured right: Senior Keeper, Sarah Evans, takes delivery of the new arrival!