New store for straw!

A new store shed has been built at the back of our Giraffe House to keep a good stock of food and bedding for our animals.


ABOVE: DZG’s Sophie Beattie makes use of the new store shed

The old tin building which used to house straw, hay, lucerne and haylage was no longer suitable so has been replaced by a new wooden shed with a powder-coated green corrugated steel roof.

webdzg_new_giraffe_store_1Section leader Jay Haywood said the new building, which took DZG maintenance staff Paul Share and Mike Grace two weeks to build, could prove vital in bad weather.

He said: “This new building will store hay and lucerne to feed animals and straw for bedding. It will serve the whole top section of the zoo including the giraffes, mara, wallabies, kangaroos, red panda, tapirs, barbary sheep, otters, as well as birds and the Discovery Centre.

“This shed can store large amounts of straw and hay and we get deliveries to it daily.

“Having a new store will be especially useful in the winter. If ever we can’t drive deliveries around the site in bad weather, the stock inside could be taken out on foot to various sections and would keep us going for quite a while.”