New signs are up

A series of signs showing the manoeuvre of newly-arrived tigers Tschuna and Daseep now lines the wall to the big cats’ viewing panel.

tiger-posts-2-webThe artwork shows the intricate movement of the two big cats as they were hoisted individually in their crates into the iconic Tecton enclosure.

The posters also highlight the differences between the species revealing Amur tiger Tschuna’s light fur and Sumatran tiger Daseep’s darker coat, plus variations in their height and weight.

The signage was designed in-house by DZG Head of Media and Communications, Jill Hitchman.

She said: “The artwork incorporates some of the fantastic images we have of Tschuna and Daseep and also tells the story of their arrival at DZG.”


tiger-posts-2-web   tiger-posts-2-web