New reptile resident

A new Amazon Tree boa has arrived at DZG and gone on display in our Reptile House.

The male snake has come from Sparsholt College in Hampshire and has moved in with our two other Amazon Tree boas.

Senior Keeper Sam Grove said: “He is settling in nicely and is getting to know his new surroundings. He’s been in the water, has been climbing all the vines and is already looking right at home.”

The Amazon Tree Boa, sometimes called Garden Tree Boa, is non-venomous but very aggressive. They have long, needle-like teeth that can inflict a painful bite.

The average size for this rain forest dwelling species ranges from five to six and a half foot and they can live up to 20 years.

Sss-stop by and say hello to our newcomer when you’re next in the Reptile House!