New quarantine bay opens

Keepers are adding the finishing touches to a new £5,000 quarantine bay adjacent to our recently-refurbished Reptile House.

dzg_new_rep_vivs_2Constructed in-house by staff the new quarantine quarters are being stocked with thermometers and heat lamps in readiness for receiving new stock, alongside providing a convalescence facility for sick reptiles.   The Reptile House, which was opened by conservationist Sir Peter Scott in May 1956, underwent a £15,000 facelift earlier this year to include remodelling of enclosures, installing timber flooring and cladding to walls around the public-viewing corridors and the construction of a new glazed dual entrance.   It was opened by BBC presenter and ecologist, Mike Dilger, in March.  

Keeper Sam Grove adds the finishing touches to the new quarantine bay adjacent to the Reptile House.