New parents, new experience!

DZG Customer Services Team Member Aimée Uddall took a break from her maternity leave to return to her workplace – as a keeper for the day!


ABOVE – Alex and Aimée Uddall enjoyed getting close to DZG’s black and white ruffed lemurs

The 26-year-old new mum from Brierley Hill treated her husband Alex, aged 27, to the full-day experience for his birthday and they both had a wonderful time.

Aimée, who has worked in the Safari Gift Shop at the zoo for two years, said: “It was a great day and giving the chimps their drinks was my favourite part.

“We also fed the tigers and both Daseep and Joao came to take food from us which was incredible.

“Seeing another side of the zoo and actually helping feed and care for the animals was so interesting and Alex loved it too.”

They also met our Brazilian tapirs, fed the giraffes and prepared fish which they handed out to our colony of 70 Humboldt penguins.