New opening for Yoda

Primate keepers have had to fit an extra lock on the gate of Lemur Wood after a mischievous mammal worked out how to open it.

DZG-yoda-webBlack and white ruffed lemur, Yoda, was recently spotted pushing open the exit gate and scuttling through into the holding pen, but then got stuck when he couldn’t work out how to get back in.

Trainee Keeper, Shaun Crompton, said: “Yoda is quite bright so we’ve had to put a small screw and a latch on the bottom of the gate now, so he can’t try it again.

“He doesn’t seem to want to escape once he’s opened the door as he’s very keen to get back in again, but he does like doors.

“He regularly pushes open the door to our hut when we’re inside and comes in to say hello.”

CAPTION: Planning the next move: Black and white ruffed lemur, Yoda, who loves opening doors.